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Having the right product does not guarantee success in the defence sector. Contract closure is subject to a number of requirements that are often not obvious, and if not anticipated at the early stage of a project, can result in significant additional cost and/or bid failure. Haynes Marine can help establish a firm project foundation that maximises the likelihood of success by the provision of:

  • Market study and consultation
  • Direct marketing and liaison with key End User and procurement representatives
  • Product development and testing consultancy
  • Operationally focussed customer tailored presentations
  • Demonstration opportunities
  • Commercial and technical tender response support
  • Contract negotiation advice
Non-Competing Clientele
Maintaining a portfolio of non competing clientele is critical to client trust; you can be assured that a conflict of interest between clients will not arise. A full list of current clientele can be provided upon request.
Confidentiality is of paramount importance in the defence industry. Haynes Marine operates a strict confidentiality policy underwritten where required by appropriate non disclosure agreements.

Focusing Effort Increasing Return

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